Recent necrology, July 2012

coverA list of people who have died recently:

  • Maeve Binchy, 1940-2012
    Irish novelist, columnist and speaker. She was best known for her humorous take on small-town life in Ireland
  • Ernest Borgnine, 1915-2012
    Hollywood actor who thrived on villainous roles but won an Oscar for playing a big softie
  • Herbert Breslin, 1924-2012
    Agent who helped turn Pavarotti into a superstar but later dished the dirt on him and other leading singers
  • William James Gardner, 1915-2012
    Christchurch academic and historian
  • James Grout, 1927-2012
    Character actor who played Inspector Morse’s avuncular superintendent
  • Celeste Holm, 1919-2012
    Actress who starred in Oklahoma! on Broadway and partnered Frank Sinatra in High Society
  • coverColin Horsley, 1920-2012
    New Zealand born pianist who was much in demand at London concert halls and at the Proms
  • Geoffrey Hughes, 1944-2012
    Character actor who became a mainstay of Coronation Street as the lovable binman Eddie Yeats
  • Evelyn Lear, 1926-2012
    American soprano who specialised in ‘neurotic modern heroines’ and also excelled in Strauss
  • Jon Lord, 1941-2012
    Founding keyboardist of Deep Purple, the influential rock band once billed as ‘loudest in the world’
  • Margaret Mahy, 1936-2012
    Much loved children’s author, storyteller and librarian whosehumorous, quirky fantasies delighted children and
    and their parents
  • Angharad Rees, 1949-2012
    Actress who starred in Poldark, the Cornish saga that captivated the nation, and later became a jeweller
  • Eric Sykes, 1923-2012
    Comedian and scriptwriter who formed a famous television partnership with Hattie Jacques
  • Mary Tamm, 1950-2012
    ‘Time Lady’ who accompanied Doctor Who on his quest to help restore the equilibrium of the universe
  • coverE.V. Thompson, 1931-2012
    Author of historical romances who took to writing after stints with the Navy and the Bristol Vice Squad
  • Gore Vidal, 1925-2012
    Writer and commentator who courted controversy with his waspish views on the decline and fall of American civilisation
  • Simon Ward, 1941-2012
    Actor who was on the threshold of stardom as Young Winston but had little appetite for fame
  • Kitty Wells, 1919-2012
    Country music star who fought women’s corner in song and inspired Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton

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