Read all about it: 19th century U.S. newspapers

CoverIt is not very often you get something useful for free, but Gale Cengage have given the library free access to a real bonus for genealogists, students and those blessed with curiosity. Let me introduce 19th Century U.S. newspapers! This electronic resource contains:

  • 500 U.S.historical newspaper titles;
  • Nearly 2 million full text searchable pages;
  • Cover-to-cover access to every newspaper article, advertisement and illustration;
  • Digitized content that has never before been accessible online from the archives of places such as the Library of Congress.

These newspapers give us an inside view into the historical events, daily life and culture of 19th-century America. Every aspect of society and every region of the nation can be found in the archive – rural and urban, large cities and small towns, coast to coast and beyond. Major newspapers stand alongside those published by African-Americans, Native Americans, women’s rights groups, labor groups, the Confederacy, and other select groups. Everyone’s opinions are represented here.

You can access this resource at the Source or  through NewsVault which allows you to simultaneously search a range of historical newspapers using your library card number and PIN.