Dust off your spacesuit – it’s time for Armageddon (expo)

Armageddon Expo 2010Ah, winter.  Time for bowls of hearty soup, nights by the fireside, warm scarves, and zombie make-up.  Also chainmail, cat-ears, Death Star command posts, pizza eating competitions, and all things nerdily glorious at this weekend’s Armageddon Expo.

Every year at the beginning of July, Christchurch is over-run by hordes of Doctor Who devotees, Star Wars Storm Troopers, anime kids, and all sorts of assorted science fiction, fantasy, comic-reading, game-playing fans. And every year we send intrepid (if slightly fearful) library reporters to cover the weekend.  You can read up on previous years’ visits here, and here; we will be covering the event again this year, with blogging, pics on Flickr, and even hopefully an interview with one of this year’s star visitors, best-selling author Christopher Paolini.

Visit the Armageddon website for more information, and don’t forget that the library has a great selection of graphic novels, DVDs, and all things fan-related (including cosplay and costume books if you fancy a last-minute spot of dress-ups, for you or the kids …).

However you choose to dress, we’ll see you Saturday at the icecream-eating competition.  Or the anime screening. Or maybe next to the time-machine display. Or stocking up on comics and replica swords …

3 thoughts on “Dust off your spacesuit – it’s time for Armageddon (expo)

    • bronnypop 26 June 2012 / 10:37 am

      I hope not! I rely on my cosplaying kids and stormtrooper friend to draw all the attention while I am there, so I can blend, chameleon-like, into the crowds, like all ninja librarians do …

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