It’s a dog’s life

Cover: "Salvage the Bones"There seems to be a growing genre of fiction featuring dogs, but past experience has taught me to be very careful.

Scarred for life as a child by Old Yeller, I had to take Salvage the bones back without reading it. It may have won a National Book Award, but the words “dying litter of prize pups” on the dust jacket saw it being slid back into the returns slot without a page being turned.

Lady was tolerable on the sadness front, but a tad shocking on the sex front.

Lucky in the corner was sad, but I remember Lucky the dog very fondly, in fact better than any of the other characters in the book.

I have The life and opinions of Maf the dog, and of his friend Marilyn Monroe on my holds list, although on reflection it’s hard to see how that one can work out well.

What’s your favourite dog story?

Create new memories with electronic resources for kids

If you are anything like me, your eye tends to wander over piles of second-hand books whereever they are displayed. Occasionally it will lead to the rediscovery of a memory from times past. I had this experience when I stumbled upon books by Bill Peet. As a child he was one of my favourite authors and illustrators – a hint at how old and decayed I actually am.

Christchurch City Libraries continues to offer encouragement to all young readers through our community libraries and on our kids website. Nowadays we have our print collections  supplemented with an array of electronic resources such as Intrepica for interactive learning, TumbleBook Library for animated books and OverDrive for downloadable ebooks and audiobooks for children and their parents alike!

Of course it can’t all be fun. Memories of slogging over plain brown print World Book encyclopedias for school have these days been replaced with the interactive joy of World Book Kids and the like.

Now that winter is upon us these electronic resources at the Source offer a place for your children to create more memories without leaving the warmth of home! All you need is access to the internet and a library card number and PIN. I am sure Bill Peet would approve!