No such thing as a winter reading list

Why is it that newspapers and magazines are always full of Summer Reading lists and not Winter reading lists? I came across this list in the New York Times, and really apart from one or two gardening books there was nothing that spoke to me particularly of summer, they were books that could be read at any time of the year.  I suppose the assumption is that everyone is on holiday and therefore will be reading on the beach sipping a cool drink or two.

CoverI find though that I read more in the winter. There are always other distractions in the summer, but winter time often finds me curled up in front of the fire with a good book. Certainly I don’t want to be reading books about winter or snow or dim dark days, I would prefer something that reminds me of warm springlike times to come.

Wintertime also finds me badly affected by lack of sun and light so reading depressing grim dysfunctional family drama is probably not a good idea, and I find myself gravitating towards something lighter and more fun. I have just received the latest Jill Mansell on reserve and I think this will be just the ticket. I’m also looking forward to Island House by Posie Graeme-Evans (with a name like Posie surely the grimness factor will be kept to a minimum?)

A book that I read recently fitted the bill completely. Capital by John Lanchester had the required  interesting characters, an excellent topical plot and fine writing, touched with enough humour and lightness to keep me out of the doledrums.  John Lanchester will be in Christchurch in September for The Press Christchurch Writers Festival.

What would you suggest for a winter reading list?