Recent necrology, May 2012

coverA list of notable people who have died recently

Nesting Instincts

As much as I’m starting to resent the cold mornings, short days and my inability to understand the concept of layering, (I’m stubbornly hanging on to wearing my summer clothes!) there are wonderful things about winter I do enjoy.

I love closing curtains, turning on the heat pump and ‘nesting’. I wish I had an open fire, but alas I do not. I love cooking stews in my slow cooker, making baking and puddings my Mum used to make, and embarking on projects that for some reason seem too much like hard work in the heat of the summer. This winter’s projects come from a stunning book, The Re-purposed Library.

It is filled with projects using old books. Anything from bookshelves made from books to Christmas decorations and lamps. I’m hoping to adorn both my home and the library I work in.

I also, sadly, enjoy cleaning out drawers and cupboards, no need to wait for spring. I find all sorts of treasures, and hopefully get ruthless enough to throw things out.

I just enjoy the feeling of snuggling down into my house, enjoying it as a space to be in and create in.

I watch a lot of movies, and always hope there will be a series on television I can get hooked into.

Having friends over for drinks and a movie, or dinner is lovely too. It was one of my resolutions when I turned the big 50 that I would keep in touch with my friends this year, and so far it’s been great to catch up amongst the busy lives we lead.

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk by the fire: it’s the time for home  – Edith Sitwell

Do you love winter, tolerate it or endure? What are your favourite winter activities, I’m an indoor kinda gal, but you may prefer outdoor pursuits? Are you planning a project?