The answer to book hold purgatory

Recently, there was media interest in the amount of people putting The Hunger Games series of books on hold. book coverApparently in the Auckland Libraries, over 2500 are waiting for the first book in the trilogy and here at Christchurch City Libraries, to get your hands on a paper copy of the first book in the series, you will have to wait behind 285 other keen readers. A book chain even jumped in on the news and offered 30% off the titles for a week if you produced you library card. Clever.

So, I decided to think sideways as I often do without trying. I’m hoping to read Catching Fire, the second book in the series by Suzanne Collins, and I thought to myself… use the E-Reader Luke, oops, I mean purplerulz!

So I checked it out. For the paper copies, there are 180 people waiting for Catching Fire, but only 20 waiting for the E-Book version on Overdrive! Oh yay. Now, it maybe that there are more paper copies compared with E-Book copies and you only have 21 days to read an e book compared with 28 days for a ‘real book’, but I did get my hands on an e book copy within 3 weeks, so I thought that was pretty good going.

If you have an e reader or wish to download onto your computer or ipad and read it there, do remember this option when wanting to put holds on your favourites, especially if they are also everyone else’s favourite. You can find out more about e-books here .

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