Recent necrology, April 2012

coverA list of notable people who have died recently

  • John Arden, 1930-2012
    Playwright best known for Serjeant Musgrave’s Dance whose works often left audiences baffled
  • John Birch, 1929-2012
    Cathedral organist who commissioned Leonard Bernstein to compose his celebrated Chichester Psalms
  • Christine Brooke-Rose, 1923-2012
    Experimental novelist who translated German decrypts at Bletchley Park but left her own readers puzzled
  • Harry Crews, 1935-2012
    Former bartender and jailbird who wrote gritty novels about America’s freaks and outcasts
  • Levon Helm, 1943-2012
    American rock multi-instrumentalist and actor who achieved fame as the drummerand frequent lead and backing vocalist for The Band
  • William McAloon, 1969-2012
    One of NZ’s greatest art writers, curators and art historians
  • Miss Read, 1913-2012
    Writer who delighted post-war readers with nostalgic tales of village life
  • Grant Tilly, 1937-2012
    Kiwi actor and artist Grant Tilly, well known for his stage and TV roles

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