Pre-Festival quotes

Our Auckland Writers and Readers Festival team have been having a think about the books they’ve read,  and the authors they’re going to see:

Every book I’ve read seems to have homeless people in it.
(Roberta on Martin Edmond, A.D.Miller, Charlotte Wood …)

The characters are so like people you might know … I recognised a friend’s love rat ex-boyfriend … It’s gone viral …
(Joyce on Animal People by Charlotte Wood)

A juxtaposition of images you don’t see very often in New Zealand art books … Frizzell does art speak very well.
(Rachel on Dick Frizzell’s book All about the image)

I ‘ve been waiting for someone from the secret service to sidle up to me and ask me to be a spy for 25 years now. Do you think I should give up? Stella started life as an archivist, so I figure I’m in with a chance still. (Bronwyn on Stella Rimington’s autobiography Open Secret)

Was amazed to find I’d read a Kathy Lette book in four straight hours start to finish. Even more amazed to find I am now thinking of taking up surf-lifesaving in Australia.
(Bronwyn on Kathy Lette’s To Love, Honour and Betray)

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