Anzac Day in pictures

We remember.

Graves of officers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps on the Gallipoli Peninsula [1915]

Returned soldiers pass through Cathedral Square, Christchurch [1917]

About 200 wreaths lay outside the front porch of the Christchurch Cathedral [25 April 1923]

Colonel Hugh Stewart, President of the Christchurch Branch of the RSA places a wreath on the foundation stone, Bridge of Remembrance
[25 Apr. 1923]

Anzac Day 1980, Akaroa

Anzac Day 1980

OverDrive: a new way to explore our stories

To keep our history and culture alive, it is important to convey information down the generations. We have our oral and written traditions and now we see both these forms of communication take a twist with the development of e-books and downloadable audiobooks.

To allow us to access these communication formats we use OverDrive which now includes a number of stories on Gallipoli and other war experiences in an e-book format.

With Anzac Day fast approaching, it seems an ideal time to read about sacrifices and bravery during those dark times. The format may be new and portable, but the stories have not lost any of their poignancy.

Not many books containing New Zealand content have been licensed to be used in an e-book format. Where content has been licensed, we will endeavour to bring it to our OverDrive service. Regardless of technological change our stories will continue to be told!

You can access OverDrive from home with your library card and PIN.