Parenting – gooey, milky confusion

CoverThe discussion in the news at the moment about parental leave reminds me of all the issues you are bombarded with in the early months of your child’s life. Money worries and trying to make decisions about returning to work fight it out with what nappies to use, when to wean and how to get enough sleep. It all becomes a mass of gooey milky confusion.

The library does of course have a multitude of books and magazines to pounce upon and devour as you desperately try to find your way through the parenting mine field. I do however wish the library website had been around in those early days when I was desperate for information.

CoverThere are some fabulous links. I especially like Everybody – parenting. This site has everything you could possibly need, support groups, heaps of health information, parenting tips and recipes.

Another interesting site is Babyweb NZ which is run by a mum, midwife and child birth educator and includes links to Baby friendly locations in New Zealand, equipment hire, shopping and child birth education. The links in this guide are many and varied from local community groups to larger government based organisations such as Working for Families.  It’s a one stop shop for parents and anyone else who needs  information on parenting in New Zealand.