Lonely Planet e-books come to OverDrive

Now for all you exotic people out there with money to travel I have a wee gem of a tip for you … Lonely Planet e-Books on OverDrive.

We currently have 25 maximum access Lonely Planet travel guides for you to download onto your lap top and other  portable devices such as smartphones and e-book readers.

Maximum access means these titles are always available – they exist on a magical bookshelf where you never have to wait as there is always a copy for you to take out. They are all up to date editions too. Fancy eh!

A word to the wise – these are large files, what with their pictures and maps – so they may take a while to download, but what a way to save weight and space in your luggage and backpacks!

Access these travel guides and thousands of other e-Books and downloadable audio books from OverDrive from home with your library card number and PIN.