Learning is a CINCH at the library

There was a time when I would sit in the tea room with a cup of coffee and a biscuit perusing the continuing education course booklets. Times have changed and I have a more environmentally friendly option at my fingertips. CINCH is our database of community information in Christchurch. Not only does it list community groups and halls for hire, it also lists continuing education providers. Cinch is huge; it has more options than an MMP party list.

The list is wide ranging from “Academy New Zealand Christchurch” to “Youth Development and Opportunities Trust”, for example,  astronomy is being offered by the University of Canterbury this term

There is even a list of High Schools and I couldn’t help but notice that  Hillmorton High School offers Zumba.

The good thing about continuing education courses, is there is something for everyone. Ranging from half-day workshops through to eight week courses, some even run for a full year. As for me, I’ll make a cup of coffee, grab a chocolate biscuit and continue to peruse Cinch.

2 thoughts on “Learning is a CINCH at the library

  1. Sterling 9 May 2013 / 10:24 pm

    What about publishing index cards?

  2. brendonccl 10 May 2013 / 9:50 am

    Hi Gary,
    Christchurch City Libraries launched a new Community Information Christchurch (CINCH) directory, http://www.cinch.org.nz, in November, 2012.

    CINCH now has Google Maps, Print and Export functions as well as a Mobile version of the website. Users can also add / update their details directly using the update forms. Printed directories / index cards have proved to go out-of-date fast. CINCH can be accessed online and is available on computers at all Christchurch City Libraries for those who don’t have a computer at home.

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