Dream weavers – Maori weaving and fibre arts

WeavingWe’ve just updated our page on Maori weaving and fibre arts. It’s a great resource that links to books and library resources, and also has step-by-step information on:

There are interviews with weaver Paula Rigby on weaving and  cloak making:

The degree of skill that’s involved in making a korowai (cloak) for example is phenomenal, and it should be recognised as just as artistic as a van Gogh or Rembrandt.

If you are interested in weaving,  the exhibition Raraka Taiao: Naturally Ngai Tahu started yesterday (Wednesday 4 April) and goes until 15 April. Ngai Tahu weavers will showcase contemporary weaving, using only natural materials and dyes. Their work will be for sale, and the exhibition will feature weavers in action, so you will get to see their skills up close.

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