Early peoples

CoverWorld Book online resource Early Peoples  is a mine of information about the history of ethnic groups like the Maori and Aborigines, as well as historical groups like the Greeks and Aztecs. Great for homework and assignments and a good way to inform yourself about ethnic groups.

It’s designed for children, but personally I found it pretty  interesting myself – although to be fair, I am a bit of a history junkie. For example did you know that what is now Western Sudan was the home of  three great West African kingdoms?

Or that the first Chinese dynasty, The Shang dynasty, began its rule began in about 1766 B.C. That is compared to Archaic Greek civilisation which began around 6-800 B.C.

The Egyptians of course beat everyone else by about 3000 years – they were up to about their 18th dynasty by the time they got to Tutankhamun in about 1300 B. C. Well that is unless you include the Indus Valley  and Mesopotamia which  are not included in the resource, and which both began about 3000 B.C.

Oh yes I could spend a few happy hours just browsing around in here. You’ll find it in The Source if you feel the same way.