Although the label on the hair shampoo said Paris…

After being unable to choose just one favourite New Zealand writer, I’ve been pondering my favourite New Zealand book, somehow a slightly easier task as one book immediately came to mind."The changeover" book cover

The changeover by Margaret Mahy is the one. I first came across it while working at home machining sheepskin slippers; Sharon Crosbie and the National Programme kept me sane.

One day the regular morning reading began with the lines “Although the label on the hair shampoo said Paris…” and I was hooked. I can’t remember who the reader was, but The changeover set me off on one of the best journeys I have ever taken with an author.

So of course I went to the library,  got it out, read it, loved it even more, bought my own copy, studied it at University without coming to loathe it, and still think about it sometimes.

Although I have read all of Margaret Mahy’s books now, The changeover is still my favourite, I’m not sure why. It might be the steadfast love Laura Chant shows for her little brother Jacko, it might be the romance with Sorensen (Sorry – best name ever, probably a blessing I did not have a son) Carlisle, it might be the way the adults are real too, not just the teenagers.

What’s your favourite New Zealand book ?