A book of genius!

If you’ve been inspired by the recent Shakespeare in the ParkAll Men of Genius book cover, or you’re a big fan of Oscar Wilde, try this wee gem of a book. All Men of Genius, by Lev AC Rosen, is a gorgeous mash-up of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (my favourite!), and Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, with a big dollop of steampunky Victorian goodness thrown in.

Don’t be misled by the slightly age-inappropriate cover, this is a great read for grown-ups (although older teens would enjoy it too), with its blend of romance, adventure, and steampunky science.  Plus, there’s automatons, cross-dressing and a selection of quite risque inventions …  All Men of Genius is one of those books that I read with a great big goofy grin on my face, and I am now eagerly waiting to see if first-time novelist Rosen has anything else on the way.

One thought on “A book of genius!

  1. Rachael 23 February 2012 / 3:51 pm

    Hold placed! =)

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