The scary librarian – not!

Book coverWhere would you rank librarians on a scariness scale? Somewhere between teddy bears and hugging according to a Time magazine article,  Fearing Well (January 9, 2012). That is, not scary at all.

Turns out we are really bad at working out what is truly fearful, as David Ropeik explains in his book How risky is it, really? We prefer not to fear the real killers like obesity, global warming and heart disease, and  persist instead in the mistaken notion that asteroids, insects and cell phone radiation will get us in the end.

Personally, I am between a rock (not an asteroid, thank goodness) and a hard place when it comes to the risk of flying – apparently getting to the airport should be more feared than the flight itself – a case of losing on the roundabouts what you gain on the swings?

Still, we will be hard pressed to calm our customers (even if we are armed with teddy bears and hugging for all we are worth) should there be a lightning storm or a shark in the library. We are all, quite rightly, terrified of them and a little bit of fear can save lives:

Sometimes the only thing we have to fear is a lack of fear itself

So what gets your palms all sweaty? And don’t say earthquakes – they didn’t feature in this article at all.

4 thoughts on “The scary librarian – not!

  1. bibliopirate 4 February 2012 / 11:57 am

    I’m rarely terrified of librarians.

  2. Keri Hulme 4 February 2012 / 6:42 pm

    Ditto. I would, however, be petrified by a shark in any library!

    (What I am secretly terrified by is….crowds. Cant stand ’em.)

  3. Marion H 5 February 2012 / 12:12 pm

    Fear seems to be an imbedded thing – sometimes the least scary things should be scary or fear of other things can be misplaced. I think this is shown brilliantly in an ad by Saatchi and Saatchi commissioned by AfriOceans Conservation Alliance called Rethink the shark
    Thank you TVNZ7 for playing the documentary that allowed me to see it.

  4. ValerieL 7 February 2012 / 3:23 pm

    Everyone knows Librarians are scary.
    They wear glasses, tweed skirts, twinsets and perls.
    They ask questions. Lots of them. It is like an interview.
    They have read everything and they might find out you like Mills and Boon Romaces and Collins Crime Club books.
    They are not at all like the snakes that inhabited our farm in Victoria and that is why I am a library assistant.

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