Peterborough’s the name of my latest flame – The Displaced Reader goes to town

Reading in the kids section

I just spotted a tweet from a Christchurch local @AdrienneRewi on our new Central Library Peterborough:

Have thrown myself through the doors of the new Peterborough St Library like a half-starved piglet. Can hardly carry my haul.
Yes, there is something about our new library that causes paroxysms o’ delights in library users (me included).
Why? Here are some of its selling points.
  • It’s great to have our Maori and Family history collections back.
  • Location, location. It’s in town. And very much within walking distance for people in St Albans etc too.
  • Great space and stuff for kids. Lots of picture books, DVDs and nice seats to read to your little ones.
  • Maagaaaazinnneeeees. Oh how I’ve missed ogling the Vogues and such.
  • Issue your stuff pirate styleIt’s SMART as heck. You can issue all your own stuff, and pick up your own holds  – and the self checkout offers a variety of language options. Even Pirate lingo.
  • Yummy books, DVDs, CDs – this is a collection of more than 70,000 items.
  • Sounding good. There is something cool about the acoustics of this building. It can have a lot of people in it, but not seem noisy.
  • There are 22 free computers offering free internet access as well as free wifi is available. Along with printing, copying and scanning – extremely handy & well used services.

Maori Simon finds some CDs

Free wifi in actionSo get along and sample its wares.

Have you been? What did you think?