Help for frustrated music students

If you’re a student these are frustrating times. The damage to libraries in Christchurch means limited access to printed material making study just that much more difficult. Christchurch City Libraries is building online resources to help students in the Source and our latest acquisition has completed a very useful set of online resources for students of music.

Oxford Music Online has been a stalwart part of our collection for some time. Containing the venerable Grove Music, The  Oxford Companion to Music, The Oxford Dictionary of Music and The Encyclopedia of Popular Music, it is a pretty comprehensive reference source just on its own.

However, when you are studying you need more than reference books, so we’ve supplemented it with the Fine arts and music collection which contains a wide range journal articles in the music field.

Now we have added the Oxford History of Western Music by musicologist Richard Taruskin, which is considered a landmark study on western music.

Then there’s Naxos Music Library which, although primarily about listening online, also provides study resources designed for both school students and children.

To supplement these specialised resources students, could also try some of  our more general online resources, as these also include music journals. Try: