Whatever it is, I don’t like it!

Book coverWhen last did a book make you cry with laughter? Or leave you weak with desire to write just like that? Or nearly destroy your marriage as you snort your way through reading out loud yet another screamingly funny passage to your long-suffering partner?

My most recent laugh-out-loud book is Howard Jacobson’s collection of columns: Whatever it is, I don’t like it. A columnist for The Independent, and 2010 Man Booker Prize winner for his novel The Finkler question, I believe that Jacobson could write on anything.

Think of a word (on any old boring topic) and lob it his way. Witness him take it, embellish it, link it sideways to something else, embellish that, build up to a climax, turn to you, his reader, and  deliver the punchline. Think left field and watch him come at you from the right. Brilliant.

Looking like a man who would activate airport security alarms from here to kingdom come, Jacobson has a soft spot for books and reading and libraries. Put quite succinctly he says:

I like the lunacy of libraries.

How can we not love him, he who has seen to the heart of who we are?

So which author does it for you? Makes you laugh out loud that is, makes you glad to be alive. Share, please do!