“It’s nice to believe in Flying Saucers” according to the Picture Post!

Flying saucers? I found this comment in the December 17th, 1955,  issue of  Picture Post, an iconic British newspaper published between 1938 and 1957. This particular issue includes a report that a “Saturnian space ship which landed in America had seven decks and was manned by a mixed planetary crew”! The reporter felt that our belief in flying saucers stemmed from the need for grown ups to have their own fairy tales in “unromantic” times…Logo

The Picture Post Historical Archive is a fascinating read: from Florence White setting up the National Spinsters Association in 1938, to Mrs Hudson’s advertisements for a miracle cure for “superfluous hair”.  It does also cover the more serious issues of the time including:

  • history and culture – the everyday lives of all levels of society in the mid-20th century are chronicled;
  • politics – the paper was liberal and staunchly anti-fascist, revealing much about prevailing political attitudes of the time.

You can access this at your local community library or at home with your library card number and PIN. Have a flick through this and many other  historical newspapers in the Source!

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