Resolve to…

book coverNew Year’s resolutions – love ’em hate ’em,  a lot of us make them. In fact humans have been making New Year resolutions for a long time. The Babylonians traditionally resolved to return something borrowed from a friend in the previous year. The Romans exchanged gifts and sought forgiveness from enemies.

I suppose we might follow those resolutions if we have been borrowing and fighting, but polls show that the thing we modern folks resolve to do the most is to get fit, improve our work-life balance, spend more time with family and start a new hobby. So here is where your local library comes in handy.

I’m not a successful resolver. In fact it took the impact of a giant earthquake and innumerable aftershocks to make me  resolve to reduce my caffeine intake (so far it’s successful – when nature has you wired to the max, why add to that?)

What’s your best New Year’s resolution? Did you stick to it? (And for how long?)

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