Fun is … unravelling!

Cover of Knitty GrittyFor years it seemed to me that my nan sat in front of the television watching countless episodes of Coronation Street knitting what seemed like never-ending, but progressively larger versions of the same bottle green sweater for her 10 grandchilden who all attended the same local schools.

Typically, as she and my other grandma both kept us well provided with woollen garments, I never felt the need to learn.  Not saying she didn’t try but I wasn’t exactly a willing pupil!

My New Year’s resolution in 2011 was finding pastimes to keep me occupied and away from the television.  Well, I was still in the same room as the TV, but certainly couldn’t concentrate on viewing whilst getting to grips with a new interest.  A variety of short-burst ‘enthusiasms’ ensued and then a colleague suggested I try my hand at knitting.

I thought I would start with a scarf – mistakes occurred but the end result was snaffled by my  niece so I consoled myself that it obviously wasn’t too shabby an effort. Confidence at high levels I then attempted a sweater…  thank goodness for literature that explains how to correct mistakes.  My new hobby appears to be UNRAVELLING on a major scale.  The hours of fun I have had!!

Fortunately I have located both library books and magazines devoted to knitting  on the subject to assist me through this steep learning curve.  I have also discovered some interesting links in the library’s handicrafts page.

What New Year’s resolutions do you propose making in 2012?