OverDrive offers Lonely Planet travel guides!

Did you know that under the city of Paris there is a series of catacombs that contain the mortal remains of approximately six million Parisians? Their bones had been transferred to old quarries under Paris to relieveBook cover overcrowded cemeteries in the 18th and 19th century. How do I know this? It is just one of the many tips I have found from the Lonely Planet e-book guides now available on OverDrive!

You can find out where the best shopping is in Hong Kong, or learn how to bargain in the dusty  souqs (markets) of Egypt! You can find out how to hunt for truffles in Italy and establish the cheapest way to get around California? Your answers lie within!

All titles are “maximum access”. This means they are always available! So no holds or waiting necessary and you and your traveling partner can download the same guide onto your own devices! That way no fighting!

Enjoy – and if you need someone to carry your bags please feel free to give me a yell. Please? I have a student loan and mortgage so am not too proud to beg!

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