Last minute holiday plans

Each year, along with half of Christchurch, we go up to Golden Bay and over to Totaranui to camp.  This year was to be the most wonderful escape from battered old Christchurch, and, Imagealthough I have the utmost empathy for the people of Golden Bay, I can’t help but feel somewhat selfishly miserable that this destination is now inaccessible due to major road damage.

If like me you have started the search for a new location and are feeling somewhat overwhelmed, then the library website can come to the rescue with various links to websites that may offer some hope.

Books too could prove helpful, so don’t forget Baches and holiday homes to rent by Mark and Elizabeth Greening, and Camping New Zealand by Mark Airey.

If we end up in Christchurch, then I will definitely be checking out the Places to go links on The Pulse, and the Christmas is family time page, which is a great source of things to do over the holiday season.