Present heaven

Cover‘Tis the season to buy presents. How you feel about it may depend on who you are buying for. I love buying presents for children, but young men stump me every time. No matter how much I love them they’re enigmas to me and it doesn’t seem to help to ask their parents – they’re just as much in the dark.

Recently I bought dresses as birthday presents for two of my great-nieces and they were a roaring success. I delivered them on Saturday, and on Wednesday their grandmother rang to say they were still wearing them because they refused to take them off. Forced to give hers up to be washed, one of them would only wear her knickers until it was ready to wear again. The Force is obviously with me, so it’s Christmas shopping here I come.

One bibliophile writing in the New Zealand Herald recently  said she got her passion for books from a great-aunt who unfailingly bought them as birthday presents for each of a large brood of great nephews and nieces. She sounds like the perfect great-aunt to me and I intend to emulate her. For me it’s Christmas that means books though, and it’s a tradition I mean to maintain.

CoverSo how am I going to reproduce my recent success? Well I’m probably not, but my best chance lies with consulting some lists on the library website. For the children the Award winners list is a good bet, although I may need advice on as to what is age appropriate. A good holiday read always goes down well, but perhaps best of all is to get if from the horse’s mouth – on the kids blog. For young adults, try the Pulse holiday reading

For adults our website has put together Best Reads with staff recommendations and ‘best books lists for 2011. If your adult has specialised interests try our booklists on the catalogue, they cover all sorts of  areas from cyberpunk, to the 2011 Man Booker longlist and New Zealand’s top cooks.

None of which helps with a 22 year old male who doesn’t read at all, sigh …