Vegetable ‘Plots’

CoverAs Spring approached I began to feel lethargic about cleaning around the house – so disheartening when the dust just keeps returning! Suddenly the garden looked promising territory – strange in itself as any previous enthusiasm in that direction quickly disappeared when it became apparent I had pulled up plants not weeds.

Books abound in the library showing when, how, what to grow in your garden with colourful illustrations of healthy, ripe and appetising garden fare.  I decided to buy myself a vegetable plot kitset; erect it; fill it with topsoil and then trawl the abundant library resources to find the perfect veggies to nurture from infancy to adulthood.

I am now avidly waiting for signs of ‘life’ to emerge from my plot and  fantasize about what I can do with my impending vegetable glut.  Grow It, Cook It  was one of many to choose from in the 641 non-fiction area.  All my produce – when it arrives – will be assigned to a delicious recipe from the book.  My pantry and fridge will be filled with culinary delights – yes, you’ve guessed it, I have finally lost the plot …

What vegetables grow quickly and require minimum maintenance?

Recent necrology, November 2011

A list of notable people who have died recently

  • Jonathan Cecil, 1939-2011book cover
    Actor who mastered the amiable silly ass, notably as Captain Hastings to Peter Ustinov’s Hercule Poirot and reading Bertie Wooster stories
  • Basil D’Oliveira, 1934-2011
    “Cape Coloured” South African subjected to the full rigour of apartheid who transformed himself into England Test player.
  • Joe Frazier, 1944-2011
    Heavyweight boxer with a searing left hook who had three epic encounters with Muhammad Ali
  • Dulcie Gray, 1915-2011
    One half of a famous husband-and-wife acting team who later became a successful thriller writer
  • Michael Hastings, 1938-2011
    Former ‘angry young man’ who became best-known for Tom and Viv, a play about TS Eliot’s first marriage
  • Sena Jurinac, 1921-2011book cover
    Yugoslav soprano whose vocal purity and power held audiences and critics spellbound for 40 years
  • Jackie Leven, 1950-2011
    Masterly songsmith who dodged murder, beat addiction and led ‘the greatest band you’ve never heard of’
  • Richard Morant, 1945-2011
    Actor who played Tom Brown’s sadistic nemesis Flashman on television and helped inspire Withnail and I.
  • Paul Motian, 1931-2011
    Drummer who broke the rhythmic rules of jazz, infuriating traditionalists but delighting new listeners
  • Ian Spink, 1932-2011
    Scholar of 17th-century music who noted how Purcell transformed the Golden Age
  • Christa Wolf, 1929-2011
    German author revered on both sides of the Berlin Wall until her links to the Stasi were revealed