Dreams of flying

Search BiblioCommons for I dreamedHave you ever dreamt that you could fly and then have that horrible sense of disappointment to wake and find that your feet are  firmly planted on the ground?

When we have wings  by Claire Corbett is science fiction and mystery intertwined, with descriptions of flight that leave you wishing you could just jump of the nearest building and swoop around, souring on thermals and basking in the wonder of it all.

All of this marvellous flying is background to an engrossing mystery encompassing corrupt genetic engineers involved in various dodgy dealings, and follows the life of a young girl flyer called Peri, whose bravery and strength give the book a really interesting character to focus on.

Taking this story beyond science fiction and mystery however, Claire Corbett manages to highlight some tricky and interesting scenarios.  Just because we can manipulate and change our destinies, should we?  If some people can pay for the advantages of these ‘advances’ does this lead to an underclass?  The power of flight and who can and cannot obtain it becomes a metaphor for the haves and the have-nots of our society, and gives the book a strong connection to present day situations.

I only had one criticism and that was that the mechanics of flight were explained too much for my liking – for others this could be a highlight, however  I was able to skip those bits without any problem and immerse myself once again in dreams of flight.

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