How can I tell if Christmas is coming?

I asked around the office to find out how everyone knows that Christmas is coming. The responses were:

  • Your library books are due back in December.
  • You actually read the advertising fliers that increasingly flood your letterbox.
  • The bakery has yummy fruit mince pies  to purchase.
  • Work suggests it is time to book your Christmas holidays.
  • The Christmas cake and Christmas mincemeat are made!
  • Your son leaves “What I really want for Christmas is…” lists in your wallet.
  • You get put on hold on the phone and have to listen to Christmas carols.
  • Christmas trees and Christmas lilies are for sale on the side of most roads.Photo of Santa arriving by boat at New Brighton

If you ask a kid that same question, the response might be: “Santa arrives in town just before Christmas”.

This year the New Brighton Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday 3rd December.  The parade starts at 10.30am with Santa arriving by boat. The librarians at New Brighton Library will join the parade of floats made by local community groups.

Photo of Santa floatThe Christchurch Children’s Christmas Parade Trust has worked long and hard to ensure that their annual Santa Parade could go on. So I was pleased to read that the Parade will take place at 2pm on Sunday December 4th. The proposed route for this year’s parade will be Riccarton Road from Wharenui Road to Mandeville Street. There will be  great floats and characters, clowns and music and, of course, Santa.

So forget about earthquakes and potholes for a few hours and make your way to New Brighton and Riccarton for the annual Christmas parades.

Make sure also to explore our Christmas pages and tell us how you know Christmas is coming.

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