Sharing the crafty love

A few days ago I wrote about craft markets and some of the new titles we have in the library which can help you turn your passion into a business.  But alongside marketing and selling is the other side of craft and that is all about sharing the love!

Christchurch has witnessed this first-hand over the past year with groups of people helping out via their craft.  Handmade for Christchurch asked for craft volunteers to create and sell their crafts to raise money for the Salvation Army and Women’s Refuge,  and Smash Palace  took our broken crockery and made it into beautiful pieces of jewellery.   There is also a group called Container Love who are knitting and crocheting squares to beautify one of the  containers in Sumner.

Cover of "Craft activism"If you are interested in the more altruistic side of craft, you might find these two books helpful.

Craft activism : people, ideas, and projects from the new community of Handmade and how you can join in by John Tapper

Learn to craft for your cause, connect with other crafters, think green, organize a fair, host an online exchange, create yarn graffiti, and more.

Craft hope : handmade crafts for a cause by Jade Sims

This book originates  from the Craft Hope blog that organises crafters to make handmade items for specific charities.

Have you come across any other books that marry craft and altruism? Or do you know of any other craft projects supporting Christchurch?