The character of chickens

Find "Chickens: a step-by-step guide to choosing and keeping hens" in BiblioCommonsThe Bennett sisters are chickens in the latest novel I have read, the wonderfully-titled Household guide to dying. Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia live in a dusty compound scratching around and making  noise that only Mrs Bennett could appreciate.

We are led to believe that they are companionable souls who make good pets. I am almost convinced … each chicken is lovingly sketched out with the attributes that their characters possess – Mary has a most ‘off-key’ cackle, whilst Lydia is constantly preening and vying for attention.

For those less inclined to make pets of them, the library has a vast array of literature on how to successfully house them, look after them, feed and breed ’em.

Having never appreciated hens as potential pets I was intrigued to find just how many work colleagues raise and name their hens. What are your favourite chicken names? Any entertaining chicken stories you want to share?

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“Love thy neighbour” is a much easier ideal to keep when you live in a country like New Zealand. You share no borders and you can beat your biggest neighbour at rugby! There can be no denying though that we are part of a globalised world and need to be aware of our own region.

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