Election apathy? Help is at hand

The results of the general election of 1919, posted outside the Press Co. Building, Cathedral Square, Christchurch

I come from a very political family. Election nights were huge, (almost as big as New Year’s – we were also Scottish!).  Out would come the sausage and asparagus rolls, the beer would flow freely and my father would spend most of the night cursing.   We would either finish the night in a haze of euphoria or would go to bed early, glumly predicting all types of dire consequences for the country.

Election nights have never been the same since, but there does seem to be a particular sense of apathy this year – perhaps it’s living in Christchurch, but I  suspect it is more likely to be nationwide.  This is a pity, given that we are also voting in a referendum on the electoral system where the choices are far and wide, and quite confusing.

Thankfully help is at hand  – our page on the Elections provides all sorts of interesting and important information to help you make your choices.

Perhaps you are already a bit of political animal so you might find Key to victory : the New Zealand general election of 2008  by Stephen Levine a good read. Including a DVD with “highlights” from the campaigns, leaders debates and TV ads, this could really get you focusing on the days ahead.  If you prefer something a bit lighter The Night book by Charlotte Grimshaw gives a rollicking good  fictionalised account of life of a new PM and his work and family intrigues.