Craft markets and marketing craft is a free online events calendar for Christchurch and Canterbury that is provided by the Christchurch City Council Events Development Team.  I get this emailed to me each week and I am constantly amazed at the number of markets that are taking place in and around Christchurch.

I love markets, especially of the crafty variety, and every now and then I think “I could do that”.  But then I end up wondering: would my crafty endeavours be good enough, has it all been done before and too often, and how would I market what I wanted to sell?

Help is at hand!  Our library website has a great number of links to craft groups via CINCH but also Internet links to organisations throughout the world that are actively making and selling their crafts.   We also have books that might be able to help us crafty seller-wannabes on our way.

Craft Inc. : turn your creative hobby into a business by Meg Mateo Ilasco

Cover of "Craft Inc."I like the book blurb that suggests that  this book “translates business basics for the person who would rather wield a crochet hook than a calculator.” I am definitely in the hook rather than calculator category.

The global garage : home-based business in New Zealand by Janet Sayers

This book deals with thorny issues such as managing your time within a home-based working environment,  legal compliances , along with plenty of examples of people who are making  home-based businesses work for them from throughout New Zealand.

How to market and sell your art, music, photographs, and handmade crafts online : turn your hobby into a cash machine by Lee Rowley

Cover of "How to market and sell your art, music, ..."Plenty of good practical solutions for creating  a website, attracting customers to your site, social marketing, payment, packaging and shipping considerations.

The knitgrrl guide to professional knitwear design : how to keep your knits about you by Shannon Okey

Especially designed for the knitter, but still full of good information for making your home craft business a success.

Make sure you check out the markets and support local home-grown business – there’s sure to be plenty of wonderful gifts for Christmas and there is always the chance to find new ideas for your own crafting pleasure.