Is this a sexist blog about OverDrive?

Cover I want to write about the variety of content we have on OverDrive by highlighting what men will find engaging. Men and boys are sometimes reluctant readers (sexist assumption number one) so I wanted to bring attention to the titles we have on OverDrive on war and adventure because that is what men like (sexist assumption number two).

Am I being presumptuous?  I want to tell men and boys about The Field of Bones concerning the Irish division at  Gallipoli rather than Baby Names Your Child Can Live With? I expect that they want  to go Walking in the Footsteps of Private Lynch rather than having  Lessons in Letting Go.

Do men really want to read about Fight Club rather than hearing about the adventures of Country Brides?  I may indeed be wrong as I personally can’t stand romances – I know that in life there is no walking off into the sunset.

I guess making rash generalisations is never a good idea – but then again I can’t think of one woman I know who would want to read about New Zealand Railways.

Am I a realist or am I sexist? Do I generalise to a fault or are there generalisations out there for a reason?

Is there a man out there willing to put his hand up and say YES! I love a bodice ripper.

2 thoughts on “Is this a sexist blog about OverDrive?

  1. Glenn 10 November 2011 / 12:57 pm

    Bodice Ripper..isn’t this a Brush Cutter brand?

  2. Deborah Fitchett 10 November 2011 / 5:23 pm

    I don’t think I know women who’re interested in railways (and only one man who is) but I do know women interested in cars, hunting and fishing, rugby, action-adventure, and other ‘traditionally male’ topics.

    But does it matter? Do you need to say “Hi men, here are some war stories you might enjoy” – can’t you instead say “Hi fans of war stories, has Overdrive got the content for you!” and thus encompass men, women, and people who identify as neither/both?

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