The Swimming Pool Library*

book coverI aqua jog. Or at least I did, until the earthquake destroyed QE11. Imagine then, my joy at discovering that The Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre has opened right across the road from Papanui Library. (Graham Condon was a Christchurch City councillor and paralympian who was tragically killed in 2007)

Aqua jogging is alive and well at the Condon Centre and it is not only for the more mature. I have seen pregnant ladies subside into the water with little Mona Lisa smiles of relief on their faces and the scarily fit, with bodies beautiful, aqua jog with weights attached to wrists and ankles. But I prefer the dignified style of an elderly Japanese man who, head held high, did his laps with an i-pod strapped carefully to the top of his head.

Of course there is so much more than aqua exercise available at this marvellous new leisure centre: like lane swimming, a spa pool, kiddies paddling pools and gyms. Have a peek at some photos – it’s a gem of a facility and where else in Christchurch can you get a mall, a library and a recreation centre all in one block of land?

But the really big question is: will Papanui Library become known as The Swimming Pool Library? Or will the Condon Centre be The Library Swimming Pool? Give us a visit and you can decide.

*I’m never one to let a literary reference go by – The swimming pool library is the title  of a novel by well known British writer Alan Hollinghurst.