Still feeling shaky?

A year after the beginning of the big earthquakes in Canterbury, many of us are still suffering the effects on our well being. There have been positive outcomes such as a stronger community bond, but also adverse reactions.  Some of us still have housing, employment and family issues to contend with. All the while our media is showing us the ever-growing empty sections of our city’s heart.  Islay McLeod’s recent article in The Press describes her reaction of gut-wrenching sadness and despair.

There are many professional and community groups offering help. Search Community INformation CHristchurch (CINCH) website for counselling, stress, insomnia etc. Canterbury Health Info has a page dedicated to earthquake stress,  common responses and coping mechanisms.

We have resources in our libraries for post traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety, insomnia. Through the library’s website  (using your library card number and PIN) you also have access to Health and Wellness Resource Centre. Key features of this database are:

  • Quick links to hot topics and top searched conditions;
  • Over 3,000 top medical journals and general interest publications with the majority in full text;
  • Medical newspapers, newsletters and news feeds;

Sometimes involving ourselves in a sporting or relaxing activity can help with stress and enable a good nights sleep. Running, yoga, meditation and  short breaks away all help.  Don’t forget you can always chat to your doctor about any concerns.

One thought on “Still feeling shaky?

  1. Chris 27 October 2011 / 4:58 pm

    Great Blog Kiwilouise. Thanks for posting all that great info on possible places for people to seek help. One that I highly personally recomend is the Pascha Centre on Madra Street across the road fropm Polytech. They offer a free clinic on Friday’s and offer a form of counciling or therapy that works intuiitively and directly with feelings and emotions rather than a more cognitive mind-centred approach. I know that a group of Pascha Therapists made went down to Linwood Community Centre after the September quake and made a huge difference to a number of people from the caring support they where able to offer. A lot of people from all walks of life are finding Pascha Therapy extremely effective so if you or you know someone who is suffering from stress, trauma, aniexty, insomina or whatever call 374 2526.

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