19th Century British Library Newspapers: Who, what and where

Read all about the political, social, economic and cultural times of 19th century Britain in over 48 fully digitised 19th Century British Library Newspapers. Within these fully searchable pages, learn about:

  • The ‘Great Stink of 1858: when the smell of untreated human waste was very strong in central London and cholera was spreading which lead to the design of the first modern urban sewer system still in use;
  • Irish Famine 1845-49: Crop failure and political indifference leads to a massive death toll and immigration;
  • Queen Victoria and Prince Albert: Albert’s early death plunges Victoria into mourning and ushered in age of  social and political conservatism;
  • Jack the Ripper: the search for the perpetrator of the Whitechapel Murders;
  • Charles Parnell: Irish politician, champion of Home Rule, brought down through newspaper-driven divorce scandal;
  • The colony of New Zealand and the Treaty of Waitangi: British reaction to the settlement of New Zealand and its treatment of the ‘natives’.

A  joyous resource for those with an interest in history, culture and genealogy.

Access this and many other fantastic electronic resources  from home with your library card number and PIN, or at our open community libraries through the Source.

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