Canterbury Heritage blog

Avonside 1863, or is it 2011?

Browsing through the library website today, I stumbled upon a wee gem.  Located in the Heritage section under Internet Gateway is a link for the Canterbury Heritage blog.  This blog sadly seems to have finished in 2009, but while it was in operation the authors were prolific.

In 2008, 268 blogs were posted, and all of them contain fascinating tidbits about our city and surrounds, including maritime information and various graveyard photos that may well be or interest to genealogists.

The images that are included often show a street scene that changes over a period of years, and could well be added to condsidering that changes that are happening at the moment.

I would really encourage you to have a look through these blog posts as they really are a joy.   There is also a Flickr photostream which has all of the photos without the commentary.

2 thoughts on “Canterbury Heritage blog

  1. Robyn 25 October 2011 / 11:25 am

    This really is a gem. I particularly loved the post about the ‘Lyttelton larrikins’ loitering outside the Post Office on Norwich Quay and proving themselves a nuisance to passers-by, especially ladies. Named, shamed and fined five shillings and costs for reassuming their idling after being moved on by a constable. Standards were higher a hundred years ago.

  2. lynneccl 11 November 2011 / 10:40 am

    This was a really great blog, who wrote it? i wish it could be resurrected.

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