For the love of dogs!

I was walking to work today when I was approached by a very friendlydog without a collar. She happily trotted along beside me before crossing Linwood Avenue without a care for oncoming traffic. Shocked I quickly wrapped my polar fleece around her to act as a makeshift collar. At this point my faith in humanity was restored as two cars pulled over to see if they could help! One lovely lady by the name of Kate (thank you if you read this!) dropped me at Linwood Service Centre where I could ring Dog Control.

Luckily for this dog, her owners had thought to have her micro chipped and it was with some relief  that Kerry the kind dog control officer could get her quickly home. There are three things I like to remember here:

  1. Micro chipping is a cheap way to keep a track on your loved ones (pets that is);
  2. When it counts the vast majority of people are very helpful;
  3. People are not the only ones to get scared during aftershocks.

Christchurch City Libraries  has a huge array of information about animals including dogs who wish to be loved and love. Give a pat to a friendly dog today for a rush of joy!

3 thoughts on “For the love of dogs!

    • clurbee 14 October 2011 / 3:26 pm

      Christchurch City Council will micro-chip for free too if the dog is required by law to be chipped. Go to the animal shelter between 11am and noon on a Friday.

  1. rachaelcclael 14 October 2011 / 4:03 pm

    We had a dog turn up at the library around closing time a couple of summers ago. I rang the council number on his tag … His owner was out looking for him, but when she got back she gave me icecream. I was happy.

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