Sure to rise – breadmaking adventures

book coverThe other  night I ventured out in a torrential downpour and returned with a tray of Chelsea buns somewhat blackened on the bottom. Yes I had been to night class. It doesn’t sound very encouraging but the buns tasted delicious once the blackened bits were removed. The burning was the fault of a somewhat dodgy oven.

I’ve been to a number of night classes over the years – woodworking and yoga revealed my personal inadequacies in those fields but breadmaking has been fun and I have been learning heaps – not to mention eating some delicious fancy breads. My multicultural classmates and teacher bring all sorts of interesting traditions and ideas to the class. The course culminated in me producing a very nice wholemeal loaf. (Pictorial evidence provided on request).

Now I feel ready to practice what I have learnt and follow up by dipping into the great collection of resources at our libraries.  One of the best known baking gurus writing these days is Dean Brettschneider who began his training at the famous Rangiora Bakery.

2 thoughts on “Sure to rise – breadmaking adventures

  1. Marion H 29 September 2011 / 11:43 am

    I love Rangiora Bakery – have you checked out their new store/cafe in Rangiora? I also enjoy evening classes – Spanish, massage, Oamaru stone carving among others. It is a shame the government stopped the funding. Breadmaking sounds very therapeutic – and yummy. Thanks for the blog 🙂

  2. Marion 30 September 2011 / 9:28 am

    Papanui HIgh was where I did my class and there are some fancy follow up classes in the new term which might tempt me. Christchurch people need distraction more than ever – night classes are the way to go I reckon – and the odd trip out of town. Rangiora sounds like a great destination.

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