Baby Oh!

Baby O is a opera experience aimed at babies, which had its New Zealand debut at the Christchurch Arts Festival. I went along to the first session with my son and it was magic! Sparkly fish, stomping gumboots and chewable rubber duckies totally captivated the under-one audience.

If you are keen for your child to be exposed to some classical music, then jump on the catalogue and look at some of these CDs aimed at baby boppers. It’s free to reserve things for your children on their card, so if you don’t have a PIN set up on their card, just call us on 941-7923 and we can set one up for you.

  • Music for Babies is a CD of baby friendly classics – Clair De Lune , Fantasia on Greensleeves and the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy amongst others.
  • The cringingly named, but lovely to listen to, “So Smart!” series has three CDs, all presenting classical music for different occasions, sleep, play and car rides.
  • We have heaps of lullaby CDs, a lot of which are classical music based, as well as a lovely NZ Made CD; Sleep to the Ocean’s Heartbeat which features, waves, sounds of our environment and heartbeats.
  • Say Hello to the Opera is a comprehensive children’s introduction to Opera and its companion Say Hello to the Orchestra performs the same role for the orchestra.
  • If there is a certain composer you wish to focus on, then simply search the catalogue for Music for infants and then the composer’s name. Omit the composer’s name if you would like to see our full selection of music for babies and toddlers.
  • For a fun and free baby music experience – why not come along to our Baby Times? They are offered at almost all of our Libraries and are a great chance to learn some songs and meet with other parents and babies.

If you have a musical genre you enjoy, you don’t need to specially seek out children’s versions of it. Your baby loves listening to any music that you enjoy too, so crank it up, your baby won’t even mind if you sing along.

Get ya geek on: Really useful resources for NCEA German

Cover image of "Lonely Planet Germany"Want to be able to say more than just “guten tag” in German? Check out these awesome resources and start talking like you were born in Germany!

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