Clues for the clueless Op-Shopper

I must admit I’m not the worlds greatest op-shopper. To me, op-shops are associated with crazy old ladies who talk to themselves and buy clothes that no one in their right mind would want. That was until I met Leone. Leone is the world’s greatest op shopper. She can walk into an op-shop with $20.00 and walk out with either a new outfit or sobook covermething she knows she can renovate into something more her style. She will even have some change. I always wondered how she did it.

It turns out we have some great tips on op-shopping on our Pulse website .  The two best pieces of advice I found were – take cash and be prepared to hunt. My first attempt was pretty hopeless. I found a necklace  with some loose beads. I could wear it as is, or I could ask a bead making friend to re-make it into something new. In the next, I make an interesting discovery – Op-shops have sales.  All clothing half price and here I strike gold. Two shirts for $5.00 and a skirt that has a small stain on it. If I can wash the stain out, that will be good, but if not, I’ll unpick the skirt and put a new piece in. That is the advantage of owning a sewing machine. We also have some books that have good ideas for altering clothing. For those who really can’t sew, try trading your baking/child-minding/tutoring skills of some funky clothing.

2 thoughts on “Clues for the clueless Op-Shopper

    • ValerieL 30 December 2011 / 1:14 pm

      … Water restrictions makes vege gardening a bit tricky

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