Classical music for beginners

CoverDo you sometimes hear hauntingly beautiful music in an advert or film which makes you think you’d like to listen to more classical music – and then don’t know where to start?

One place you could start is in our new catalogue. We have just published a list called If you want … an introduction to classical music which is a list of CDs containing selections of classical music for the beginner. All of these are held in libraries that are currently open. A general search in the catalogue lists for ‘classical music’ will also reveal lists made by other libraries and individuals.

Another place to try is our Naxos Music Library, a free music streaming service. This contains a narrated History of Classical Music which is a really good place to start. You could then try listening to the chronological pieces under Playlists and follow up with the student tutorials under Study Area. By now you’ll be an expert.

There is a lot of rewarding music in the classical repertoire and it’s worth a little bit of effort to get to know it. So go on, give it a go.

One thought on “Classical music for beginners

  1. Dannerz 1 September 2011 / 4:32 pm

    I found Naxos to be a great resource when reading ‘The Rest Is Noise’ by Alex Ross which is a musical history of the 20th century. When he mentioned a piece of music I could dash off for a listen to it streaming and follow it up later on CD if I enjoyed it. It was a very interesting book too!

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