Bodice ripping e-books on OverDrive

I don’t actually own a bodice (does control underwear count?) but if I did, I am pretty sure having it ripped from my person by the strong hands of a devilish Scottish warrior would indeed  “ignite me with longing”. People may get all snobby when it comes to reading romance, but it is still one of our most popular genres.

This has proven again to be true with our OverDrive e-book  collection. If you want to Tame a Highland Warrior or want to be An Accidental Mistress then this is the place to go!

Personally I prefer to be Ravishing in Red or Sinful in Satin as I am pretty sure you get to sit down through most of that and taming anyone sounds far too much like hard work – especially in control underwear!

Anti Tour Rally

Anti Tour Rally
Anti Tour Rally

30 years ago today … Saturday 29 August 1981.

This rally coincided with the second test between the Springboks and the All Blacks.

It took place in Wellington at Athletic Park.

More information on the Springbok Tour:

Explore the Hospitality,Tourism and Leisure Collection

LogoNew Zealanders love to welcome travellers to our country. In turn we like to travel, with the concept of an O.E  etched into our national psyche.

For those working in tourism, we have the  Hospitality, tourism and leisure collection. This collection includes industry journals, travel guides and reference titles. They focus on:

  • The cultural, social and economic aspects of travel and recreation;
  • Working in tourism and hospitality;
  • Travel guides for planning holidays.

Hospitality, Tourism and leisure collection and many other useful electronic resources can be found in the Source. Access this from home with your library card number and PIN, or at our open community libraries.