Storylines 2011 comes out on Topp

Warmth and sunshine greeted the Storylines Free Family Day at Cobham Intermediate on Sunday 21 August. Organisers estimate at least 1,500 people passed through the displays, competitions and performances over the five hours of the event.

Normally held in the Town Hall and attracting at least 3,000, chief organiser Kim Dovey was relieved not to host that many on the smaller site. The gym was packed to capacity for the main event – Jools and Linda Topp performing There’s a Hole in my Bucket, the song that provides the text for their soon to be released book and CD.

The Topp Twins
The Topp Twins pose with their new book

Audience participation was encouraged and eagerly given. When the Twins beckoned the audience to dance along to their Untouchable Girls finale, the floor mats were jammed with little ponytails bopping to the beat.

Face painting, colouring competitions and Science Alive kept young bodies busy and the
Mobile library bus proved as popular as always. They  reported over 300 browsers.

Mobile Library
The perennially popular Mobile Library

Other literary luminaries such as David Hill, Tessa Duder and Kyle Mewburn read aloud and mingled, while illustrators such as Helen Taylor displayed paintings of intricate beauty.

Helen Taylor
Helen Taylor

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