Film Festival fever

CoverIt’s been a famine and now it is a feast. Two really good Press Christchurch Writers Festival events in the last two weeks and more to come, tickets booked for the Arts Festival and last night the opening of the Film Festival.

The theatres were full at 8.15pm for that show-offy Palme d’Or winning The Tree of Life, which officially opened the festival, but a small and select audience was there at 6 for a little gem of a documentary.

Guilty Pleasures was an affectionate look at those pieces of pink perfection –  Mills and Boon novels. There’s one sold every four seconds somewhere in the world  and the film followed some of the product’s more far-flung fans.

Hiroko, from Japan, was so transfixed by the ball-room dancing of Dana and Savannah, the protagonists of one M&B novel, that she spent huge amounts of money learning how to quick-step. Shumita perused piles of titles in the Number 3 Library in Delhi, a shop so full of books it resembled a pink cave, and that wasn’t counting the chest high stacks on the pavement outside.

For those of you who think anyone can write a Mills and Boon novel, Roger has news for you. He writes under the pseudonym Gill Sanderson and would never feature a hero named Roger, or a hero with red hair. So now you know.

If you do think you’ve got what it takes to be a successful romance writer, there’s lots of help out there. The titles are works of art in themselves; try Love writing, or Heart and Craft, or a subject search under Love Stories – Authorship.

And on the subject of Guilty Pleasures – what’s your favourite Mills and Boon? Go on, you know you’ve read at least one in your life – Share!