Pick ‘n’ mix: at the movies

Christopher Walken, y'all

Remember the olden days, when a 50cent pick ‘n’ mix lolly bag involved more than two choices, and they still sold Snifters (sob) and those coloured round ones that break your teeth? And there was a real intermission?  Yeah, me too.

Nowadays, it’s all about Blu-ray and home theatre, and when you do go out, the popcorn costs more than a small country, and no-one seems to know what they are about to see.  How many times have I sat behind tiny traumatised children at an animated movie, whose parents didn’t realise that not all ‘cartoon films’ are created equal?  Or equally G-rated?

Not only that (she whinged), but often, and especially in poor old ChCh right now, there’s just not the range of films to choose from.  What’s a girl to do?

Get to a library, that’s what.  Like a girl scout (although in no other way), I really like to be prepared for my movie viewing.

So here’s a few resources I’ve found handy, and you might like too.  Don’t tell everyone, though, otherwise we won’t be able to show off any more …


Empire mag is a particular favourite of mine, with heaps of pics, gossipy film info, snidely hilarious footnotes and photo tags, and a really great range of titles covered each month, in all sorts of formats from DVD to BluRay to classics from the vault.  The library subscribes to the British edition, but you can also find the Australian edition round town, and the Empire website is well worth checking out.

"Fwee Woger"


The Rough Guide series in particular is great for showing off!  It’s in a handy format, lists all the things you need to know, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

And of course, the movies themselves – check the shelves at your local library, or search online for old favourites or new treats.

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