Getting a movie fix

CoverPost quakes I have been movie-starved with all my favourite cinemas out of action. In the last month as part of a major “pull yourself together and get on with it”, I have been watching more movies including two visits to actual cinemas (one was to a popcorn palace I wouldn’t normally frequent).

I’ve also watched movies on television and borrowed some from our library collection which I now realise is quite varied and extensive.

Just look at the range in the latest arrivals  in the last month. A fistful of dollars, Giant, Pale rider, Hawaii – some oldies there. Then more recent releases like Tron legacy, Sister smile, Seraphine,  Silent wedding.

Actors from Ricky Gervais to Maggie Smith to John Malkovich to Julie Andrews. Directors from George Stevens to Costa-Gravas to Sergio Leone to Stephen Frears.

I’m looking forward to the New Zealand International Film Festival but in the meantime – the library movie collection is my happy place.

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