Nervy film-goers go NZonscreen

Looking through the New Zealand International Film Festival website I suddenly realised that I am still too nervous to go into a movie theatre.  Pathetic I know, but that’s just how it is.  I will just have to wait for the DVDs!

Realising  that I am now a failed film-goer, for the forseeable future anyway, I carried on looking through the film webpages on the library website. I came across  NZ on screen.  Now this is worth looking at:  old clips from Hudson and Halls, short films,  documentaries, Billy T. James, and plenty of other films people and videos that I didn’t even know existed!

One of the lovely things about trawling through a website like this (a bit like browsing the shelves at the library), is that you can stumble across a wee gem such as I did with this music video Librarian.

Dunedin band Haunted Love ticked every cliché but still won the hearts of librarians everywhere with this tale of summary justice administered to a disobedient user by two spooky, other-worldly librarians (not to mention “the best use of compact movable shelving in a music video, ever”). This video was the song’s only release and achieved considerable viral success

Now if this video achieved considerable viral success then I missed it, but am happy to say that thanks to  (and of course our library website) I am fully versed in the use of moveable shelves. (Watch the video to find out what I am talking about!)